Care tips for batteries of electric bike, board and scooter

If you want your electric bike, scooter or board last a whole lifetime, you have to take care of it accordingly. The battery is like the heart of these electric vehicles – it stores a large amount of energy helping you ride without getting tired. However, it is not everlasting and, if not in good hands, it may make your e-bike useless.

To help you decrease the possibility of thinking about an expensive replacement, we, Charged, prepared the whole list of tips that will guide you through whole battery maintenance process.

1. Always keep your battery charged

Electric bike, scooter or longboard batteries should always be kept full. Even if you are not going for a long journey, you should charge your battery fully.

If you keep discharging the battery completely, it will not hold a charge properly.

If you made a mistake and discharged it fully, make sure you re-charge it as soon as possible because you can damage the battery.

2. Cleanness and dryness are also very important

The battery of e-scooter, bike or board should never stay wet. No matter that Charged batteries are well designed to cope with rain and similar weather conditions, you should still not to leave it wet after you come home.

Water and similar conditions may cause oxidation and corrosion in your battery which decreases its ability to power up the vehicle.

To avoid this, check the contacts every month and clean them up, if necessary.

3. Keep the battery cool (but not too much)

Mostly, batteries of electric longboards, scooters, and bikes are filled with the lithium powder. According to experts, this powder decreases its electrical resistance when dealing with extreme temperatures.

In heat or cold conditions, the battery discharges more quickly.

How to tell if your battery is overheating? Just use a finger test – if the battery feels hot, not warm, it is a sign that you need to cool it down.

However, a very cold temperature is another factor causing a decrease in your batterie’s lifetime, especially when you are preparing for re-charge. Before this procedure, make sure you let your batteries reach room temperature. Overall, remember that moderate temperature is the best for the battery.

4. Think about the storage

If you think about stopping using your battery for a month or two, you still need to think about recharging. Make sure you do this task every 5 to 10 weeks because batteries tend to go flat without riding as well!

Otherwise, the battery can lose its capacity and won’t be as effective as it was in the beginning. Besides, as we have already mentioned, the battery should be stored at the optimal temperature.

To prevent the loss of capacity, the best way to store the battery is at about 80% charge.

5. Do NOT open the battery

Be clever and NEVER open your e-bike’s battery because it is dangerous! Lithium is extremely flammable and explosive, so you can end up with the fire in your home.


    Gabrielė E. Hall


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