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Yes, the Devil is real! Meet the ruler of the Electric Bicycle World – a true technological miracle which is wicked and rebelled against the Law and Order.

Charged Devil is the most powerful Electric Bike manufactured in Lithuania. This powered bike is developed exclusively for adrenaline lovers – it’s powerful, fast, and loaded with innovative features. Thanks to the premium carbon frame design, you can ride over the roughest terrain, even Hell. 
Warning! Helmet and a full body armor are necessary for the safety of the Charged Devil rider.

There are 2 options of Charged Devil available: 2018 Devil Model and 2019 Devil Model. Full specs are listed below in the description.

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Additional information

Weight 55 kg
Dimensions 135 × 67.5 × 19 cm

Base, 2018 model, 2019 model


Hope (Ultra performance), Magura MT5e (High Performance), Tektro (Standard performance)

Charging Time:

2 – 4 h


Carbon, Handmade in Lithuania

Max Speed:

up to 100 km/h

Motor power:

Liquid Cooled, up to 12000 W


up to 220 km


FOX (Ultra performance), Manitou (Standard performance), Rockshox (Ultra performance)

Product Description

Warning! Charged Devil may enslave you, kill or destroy you! Devil Electric bike was born in Lithuania. It is made of top components including light and strong Carbon frame. This e-bike is the first power bike in the world that has a Liquid cooled rear motor generating up to 15 kW of pure power. The maximum speed of the Devil electric bicycle tops out at up to 100 km/h. The maximum range is up to 220 km per charge. It depends on the terrain and speed - the faster you go, the shorter distance you can reach.

Max Speed (km/h)


Max Range (km)


Max Power (W)


Min Price (Eur)



*If you drive at up to 35 km/h speed, you can go up to 220 km


*If you drive at up to 55 km/h, you can reach up to 100 km


*If you drive at up to 100 km/h, you can go up to 50 km


You still have a free will to make whatever decision you want to make. However, we can guarantee that you will be tempted by Charged Devil. After some rides, you will feel helpless, confused and fearful. Charged Devil will be your only Choice for the Electric bicycle.

This bicycle has enormous 15 kW of power which can enslave any mountain and any terrain. The bike has several pre-programmed modes to keep the Devilish power inside. It has a legal bicycle speed mode of 25 km/h for bike roads and several other modes to keep you safe while you are off-road. Different models have different batteries, brakes and suspension options. We use RockShox or Fox for high-performance front and rear suspension, Manitou for standard suspension, Magura MT5e for high-performance brakes and Hope for ultra performance brakes.


World’s First Liquid Cooled Electric Bicycle Motor!


We have 2 color options: Red and Yellow. The Red Devil is associated with strength and agility, and is configured for maximum acceleration. However, if speed is all you need, you need Yellow Devil. This electric bike is dedicated to Light, the speed of light, and is configured for the maximum speed. Be careful when choosing your own Devil!

Maps, bike roads, speed, acceleration, voltage, wattage, battery capacity, distances, altitudes, time, weather, radio, power stations, etc.



Can be used as CHARGED mobile phone
Emergency calls, service calls, customer support, help

Rear Drive Electric Motor



Up to 15 kW of Pure Power!
Overheating problem solved!

Easy to fix and upgrade



Handmade in Lithuania
Every cell is managed by Lithuanian BMS. Use App for monitoring

Stronger and more elastic than steel



Manufactured exclusively in Lithuania
From the sketch to the final product


Maximum Charged Devil is a grown up Devil with up to 12 kW liquid cooled motor power. It comes with 60V 37.44 Ah 2.25 kWh lithium battery, high tech suspension and brakes.

For High tech suspension we use Fox or Rockshox suspension and Hope or Magura MT5e brakes. Maximum Devil electric bicycle has Schlumpf Drive, Sophisticated Informational Display, preprogrammed Speed modes, High quality LED High beam and Low beam, LED tail lights, LED turning lights, Mirror, fenders, alarm system, phone mounting system, Bluetooth Connectivity, bike app and Smart Android Display with Navigation maps, bicycle roads, GPS, Speed, acceleration gauges, range counts, and various smart Android apps.

Bike can be configured for Maximum acceleration or Maximum Speed. Price: 8777.77 Eur.


Charged Demo Devil model is a grown up Devil which hasn’t found its victim yet. Everybody has been too scared to be friends with this bike.

The electric bike has up to 15 kW liquid cooled motor power. It comes with 72 V 37.44 Ah 2.7 kWh lithium battery, high-performance FOX suspension and Magura MT5e brakes. This model has Autopilot, Simple Display, LED Headlights, LED tail lights, LED turning lights, Mirror, fenders, Alarm system. The power bicycle is configured for Maximum Speed.

The bike has been tested in various conditions and looks like new. Price: 9777.77 Eur.

For any other configuration - contact us.



Charged Devil was born in Lithuania. It goes through a long process and countless hours of tests until it gets ready to take your soul. To set up devil's mood and power, we need to gather every energy cell, cast carbon plate and program an exclusive software. It takes loads of hand work to assemble these pro level parts altogether. Here are some pics of all manufacturing process making this Devil open its eyes and take over your soul.

Schlumpf drive
Schlumpf drive amplifies the range of speeds or on both sides

Charged battery
Easily stackable custom battery handmade in Lithuania

Service slot, USB slot, Battery connection
Service slot, USB slot, Battery connection

Carbon frames assembled in Lithuania
Carbon frames assembled in Lithuania

Measuring weight of every part of the frame
Measuring weight of every part of the frame

Certified Tests of bike frame strength. 120 kg.
Certified Tests of bike frame strength. 120 kg.

Happy Devil Riders

Enslaved poor people who are riding their Devils for their Life! They are fallen angels who chose to live freely - away from frames and boundaries. Join their forces.

Warning! Do not leave Battery Discharged!

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