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No person is Evil in the heart, but every person can have his own Charged Evil. Charged Evil is a powerful electric bike developed in Lithuania. As it is common to evil’s nature, this e-bike is combined with supernatural forces. However, Charged Evil is completely legal for every cycling road of any country, so no God can punish you. This electric bicycle is fun to ride over all terrains and has enough power to climb the highest hills or outrun your opponents.

Warning! Helmet and a full body armor are recommended for the safety of the Charged Devil rider.

We have 4 Charged Evil color options available: Black-RedBlack-Yellow, White-Red and Yellow-Red.

Full specs are listed below in the description.

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Additional information

Weight 34 kg
Dimensions 135 × 15 × 19 cm

48 V 29 Ah


Magura MT5e (High Performance)

Charging Time:



Aluminium Alloy, Handmade in Lithuania

Max Speed:

up to 60 km/h

Motor power:

up to 1500 W


up to 170 km


Manitou (Standard performance)


Black-Red, Black-Yellow, White-Red, Yellow-Red

Product Description

Beware. The Lithuanian Charged Evil is good and bad at the same time. This e-bike is lightweight and can offer an impressive power, so there is no way to evade its destructiveness.

The frame of the Charged Evil bike is made of aluminum alloy. Its mid drive Bafang electric motor offers an impressive power delivery - up to 1500W. The maximum speed you can reach with Evil is up to 60 km/h. Your maximum range - up to 170 km per charge, depending on your riding speed. The slower you go, the longer distance you can go on this e-bike.

Powerful and Legal for Cycling Roads of Any Country!

Max Speed (km/h)


Max Range (km)


Max Power (W)


Min Price (Eur)


During our Evilish tests we found out that:


*If you drive at up to 25 km/h speed, you can go up to 170 km


*If you drive at up to 33 km/h speed, you can go up to 90 km


*If you drive at up to 50 km/h speed, you can go up to 50 km


Bicycle is a great option for kids, women and men who want to have more power for the longer rides. 1500 W motor power is more than enough to climb steep hills and go off-roads. The Charged Evil electric bicycle has 5 speed modes pre-programmed for your easy rides. While the slowest one is called the pedestrian mode and gives you 6 km/h breezy ride, the fastest mode has no limits. The Evil bike also has legal bicycle speed mode which lets you reach up to 25 km/h - legal speed for cycling roads. This devilish electric bike is equipped with 48v 29 ah lithium battery which allows you to reach the distance of 170 km per charge. To make Charged Evil exceptional, we use Manitou Circus for suspension, Shimano Deore groupset for the derailleur and shifts, and Magura mt5e brakes. You don’t need any charger as it is integrated into bike’s frame. There are several rim size options for this bike, so feel free to choose your own Evil. Price: 3877.77 Eur.


Black is associated with underground and scary monsters. Who would like to meet them? We are all scared of darkness, but there is no fear when you are riding on the Black Evil. Black is the most Badass color you can get.

We have 2 options for Black Evil: Black Evil Red and Black Evil Yellow. Red is associated with Blood and Horror, Yellow is associated with approaching the danger. Select Charged Black Evil Color which suits you the most: Dreadfulness or Fearfulness.


The Evil which is associated with deception is called Snow White Evil. It pretends to do good things but has dark and secret plans in its mind. White Evil evokes the sense of envy. We have the Charged White Blood Red Color option. It is so beautiful, yet monstrous legal electric bike which will make everybody feel envy.


Sinestro, the Yellow Evil, is associated with Sun and Plasma power. It is the eye catching threat which can be noticed from far far away. Yellow Evil possess such power that it leaves everybody wasted in the dust. We have the Charged Yellow Rage Red color option. The master of this electric bike will have to learn in a hard way how to control the Yellow Rage Red Evil.

For any other color options - contact us.


Charged Evil Electric Bike was born in Lithuania. It goes through a long process and countless hours of tests until it gets ready to take your soul. To set up Evil's mood and power, we need to gather every energy cell, cast carbon plate and program an exclusive software. It takes loads of hand work to assemble these pro level parts altogether. Here are some pics of all manufacturing process making this Evil open its eyes and take over your soul.

Happy Evil Riders

Warning! Do not leave Battery Discharged!


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